Omega-3 Index Test

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Are you like the typical American who only has an Omega-3 Index of under 4%? If you're interested in knowing how much omega-3 you should take or whether you are getting enough from fish or from supplements, then you should test your Omega-3 Index.
How it Works:
  • The Omega-3 Index is a measure of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA+DHA, in red blood cells.
  • The greatest health benefits EPA+DHA offer are for the heart.
  • A higher index level confers greater heart health support.*
  • If your index is 8% or greater than you're in good shape. If your index is under 4%, which is typical of most Americans, progressing to an index closer to 8% is recommended.
Cardiotabs Has Partnered with OmegaQuant for Omega-3 Index Testing!
  • OmegaQuant is leading the Omega-3 Index testing field having tested over 1,000,000 people.
  • Their results have been used in NIH-funded studies.
  • The test uses “dried blood spot” technology.
  • Convenient and easy testing methods.
  • Only 1 drop of blood is needed.
  • Your package will include the collection kit, postage-paid return envelope, and a results report emailed to you within 5 days after OmegaQuant receives your sample.
The only way to know your blood level of omega-3s is by measuring it, with the Omega-3 Index Test.
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Pretty simple to use. Just pricked my finger, mailed in my blood sample, then received my omega-3 results a few days later. Now I know that my omega-3 levels are in a good range for the health of my heart.