Ultra CoQ10

Formulated for high absorption to support heart, brain and muscle health.*
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  • - Promotes Healthy Energy Levels*
  • - Supports Muscle Recovery*
  • - 150 mg of CoQ10
  • - Highly Absorbable
  • - 2 Softgels Per Day
Cardiotabs Ultra CoQ10 is formulated to support healthy energy production in your cells and normal heart functioning.* Coenzyme Q10 is a necessary antioxidant and a key enzyme in the generation of energy. Normal CoQ10 levels can be decreased by age and some cholesterol lowering medications (statins). Cardiotabs Ultra CoQ10 is made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients, is formulated for high absorption and may help restore more youthful CoQ10 levels.* 



Directions: For adults, take two (2) softgels daily with a meal or as directed by a physician.
Other Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Lauroyl Polyoxyl-32 Glycerides, Purified Water, Mixed Tocopherols, Polyglyceryl-3 Oleate, Lycopene (color). Contains Soy.
Free Of: Yeast, starch, gluten, milk/dairy, lactose, fish, sodium, sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives. 


What is CoQ10?
If you think back to your high school biology class, you may not remember CoQ10, but you probably studied mitochondria at some point. These are the little power plants where our cells generate and store nearly all of the energy needed to power our bodies. CoQ10 is a key enzyme used in the mitochondria.
What does CoQ10 do? 
The brain, heart and muscles, be­cause of their high en­ergy requirements, are especially dependent upon adequate levels of CoQ10 for optimal function.
Why do we need CoQ10?
Our bodies naturally produce CoQ10, but aging and cholesterol-lowering medications can decrease normal levels. CoQ10 is beneficial in supporting healthy energy production and normal heart functioning.* 
Is Cardiotabs Ultra CoQ10 more absorbable than other CoQ10 supplements?
Many CoQ10 products come in a dry powder or a thick, crystallized, pasty substance that can be difficult for your body to absorb. Cardiotabs Ultra CoQ10 is based in safflower oil for high absorption. 

What is occurring if some softgels look cloudy? 
What is being seen is the solidification of various fats inside the softgel. This occurs naturally when the softgel is exposed to low temperatures; crystallizing at temperatures below 50˚F. These fats, contained in the fill material, are needed for the formula to work. Although visually not clear, it does not impair nor change the nature or efficacy of how the formula works. If the softgel is re-exposed to temperatures of 90˚F, for a few days, the fats will re-dissolve. 



I have been using this product for several years and find it has given me more energy.

I have been taking Ultra CoQ10 for a few months and I have felt more energy and all around better. I have started my girlfriend taking it and I am waiting to see how it helps her.

I started taking CoQ-10 about 1 year ago and it does give me increased energy

I take red yeast rice as a statin. My doctor said I need to take CoQ10 as it depletes when you use statins. I love Cardio Tabs as they are high quality and easy to order or pickup. I love all their products.

I have been taking this product for nearly two years. I took a different CoQ10 supplement for a while before that. I then decided to stop taking the old supplement. After about a month I began experiencing cramps and recurring muscle issues. I heard an ad for CardioTabs on the radio and gave them a shot. Within a few days of regular CoQ10 ingestion, the cramps and spasms were gone.

I have been taking this product for nearly two years. I took a different CoQ10 supplement for a while before that. I then decided to stop taking the old supplement. After about a month I began experiencing cramps and recurring muscle issues. I heard an ad for CardioTabs on the radio and gave them a shot. Within a few days of regular CoQ10 ingestion, the cramps and spasms were gone.

I have been using COQ10 and can tell a difference in the way I feel and my ability to think clearly is better since I have been taking these!

I have used Ultra COQ10 for several years and my health tests are very good and my doctor says if you take a statin (I take Red Rice Yeast and it supports healthy cholesterol levels), you should be taking COQ10.

I love this product! It gives me energy and I haven't been sick in over three years. I am 65 years young and never felt better. Give Cardiotabs a try you won't be disappointed.

Cardiotabs Ultra CoQ10 is absolutely amazing! I accidentally ran out of the supplement and didn't take it for approximately 5 days and WOW, did I feel the difference! I can definitely tell my body needs the extra CoQ10 and this product is by far the BEST! I would recommend it to everyone (especially those who are depleted in CoQ10).

Great product, great company service. Subscriptions mean you never run out, plus they are easy to change.

My wife takes CoQ-10 as a compliment to a statin and is very satisfied.

Ultra COQ10 is a great product. My energy level dropped when I ran out . Thankfully my order came the day after I reordered. I won't be without Ultra COQ10.

I have been using this product for several months and I do feel like it helps with my muscle health.

Can tell the difference when I do not use it..

My cardiologist wants me to go on Pravastatin so I am purchasing a quality product from Cardiotabs to take along with the statin drug. I am told it will help with muscle aches that can occur when taking a statin drug.

My husband has been taking the Ultra CoQ10 to address muscle/joint aches caused by atorvastatin, as recommended by our Cardio Vascular nurse practioner Laura. This has been very helpful to him. I would highly recommend this product to anyone taking a statin.

I have used the Ultra COQ10 for over one year. My understanding is these work well with the statin pill I am taking. I have had advanced lipid panels the past year and my cardio numbers continue to improve. It is my belief that the COQ10 has been positive factor in my cardio improvement.

this has been an excellent product for me, have been taking it for almost 3 years

I feel like my energy levels are higher after using CoQ10 on a regular basis.

Great Product, I purchase this product every-time I run out. I do feel it has helped with my energy levels.

Have taken Ultra CoQ10 for several years and find it helpful in my daily life.

Love this product. Have been taking it for 5 years and have experienced improvements in my cardio health.

I love the fact that it’s 100% naturally sourced ingredients!

Husband takes this and has noted a heightened energy level since taking it. Also, less muscle aches than he used to have after exercising or working out in the yard. Highly recommend

I have used Ultra CoQ-10 regularly for several years with no adverse effects. It provides me with the benefits described here.

I just started taking a statin, so I grabbed the Ultra CoQ10 to start along with it. I'd been having crazy fatigue for months. Since taking the CoQ10, it's completely gone and I've had zero of the typical statin side effects. It's a little pricey, but I could not be happier with the results of this product!

I trust CardioTabs and choose their products when possible! Good CoQ10 content for the price and love that it lasts 2 months.

Started using CoQ10 on the advice of doctor due to aches caused by a cholesterol lowering statin Rx. Has definitely made a difference, joint aches have subsided. Would recommend highly.

My husband and I feel so much stronger on our walks in our hilly area when we are taking CardioTabs CoQ10. We no longer have to sink into the chair to recover after our regular 4-mile walks.