Omega-3 Extra Strength + Vitamin D3

DHA and EPA with Vitamin D3 for cardiovascular health and memory support.*
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Our Omega-3 Extra Strength + Vitamin D3 offers highly concentrated DHA and EPA to provide healthy brain and cardiovascular support in fewer softgels.* Now even more concentrated, each serving contains 1300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in a more balanced ratio of DHA + EPA to mimic that found naturally in heart healthy fish. Each serving also delivers 600 IU Vitamin D3 to support a healthy immune system as well as bone health.* Our product is independently tested and certified to ensure purity from contaminants and heavy metals, including mercury and lead.



Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 softgels daily or as directed by a physician. [Best taken with a meal.]
Ingredients: Highly Refined and Concentrated Omega-3 Marine Oil from CalaMarine and Fish Oil (anchovy, squid, sardine, mackerel), Capsule Shell (gelatin, glycerin, purified water), Natural Orange/Berry Flavor, Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Cholecalciferol. 


What is Triglyceride Form Omega-3?
The triglyceride form of omega-3 refers to its molecular base of 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. This is the same form of omega-3 fat found in fish and the kind your body can readily absorb. The other common form of omega-3 is ethyl ester which consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids attached to an ethanol backbone. In order for the fatty acids to enter your bloodstream, they need to be in triglyceride form. Your body does slightly more work for this to occur in ethyl ester form versus the fatty acids already in triglyceride form. 
Does Triglyceride Form Omega-3 Increase My Triglycerides?
No. One of the many benefits of omega-3 is its effect on supporting healthy triglyceride levels.* Triglyceride form is the molecular form of omega-3 that your body can easily absorb. 
How is Omega-3 Extra Strength + Vitamin D3 purified?
Cardiotabs Omega-3 Extra Strength undergoes highly complex purification processes including molecular distillation.

How is Cardiotabs Omega-3 Extra Strength with Vitamin D3 environmentally friendly?
Cardiotabs Extra Strength Omega-3 is a sustainably sourced DHA and EPA concentrated marine oil. Cardiotabs Extra Strength Omega-3 Marine Oil is a product of food grade calamari production. This oil is obtained using safe and sustainable fishing techniques that do not destroy the ocean habitat or deplete the fish stocks.
What part of the world is the omega-3 oil sourced from?
The omega-3 oil is a product of natural marine oils primarily from the Pacific Southeast and Northwest.


Omega-3 Extra Strength has helped me maintain a healthy heart and my joints feel great too! My doctor liked the results he saw with my triglyceride levels so much he kept me on the regimen.

Kim L
I've had great results since making these a part of my daily routine. My joints feel great and no after taste. I'm a big fan!

I take this daily and I don’t have any problems with after taste or any other problems. It is greatly to use the auto order to not run out. It works great.

Find this product beneficial but hate the smell/flavor

definitely a daily item for my health. Doctor recommended your brand as best. Have used for several years.

I have been taking Cardio-Tabs Omega 3 for several years after my dietitian highly recommended it over other over-the-counter products. After moving away from the Kansas City area where I could buy Cardio Tabs in stores, I was excited to find their easy to navigate website so I could continue using their products.

I love this product and it leaves no after taste!

I love this product! I’ve been using it for years to combat my high cholesterol and it really works!

Taking this makes me feel very confident that I am taking the BEST and the purest Omega 3 tablet--key component to keeping me the healthiest I can be!

Omega-3 Extra Strength +vitamin D3 is what my husband and I take for our cardiovascular health; along with diet and exercise. I'm usually a frugal person but for the last few years I've purchased this product from Cardio Tabs. I have faith that the ingredients listed are in each capsule. They are locally distributed and founded by a reputable Kansas City physician and his dietician wife! I learn from the educational articles they write on-line in the local newspapers and books they have written. No aftertaste from the soft gels .Products are easily obtained on-line and they have occasional sales!

I have been using Omega-3 Extra Strength for several years and my triglyceride levels have consistently been great. I trust that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

Lipid numbers are great using this! Love Cardiotabs products!

Lipid numbers are great using this! Love Cardiotabs products!

Some omegas have bothered my stomach. No issues with CaridoTabs omega. I don't experience any fish after taste either. I started taking as heart health but noticed my joints feel better as well.

Copying what my sister's cardiologist has recommended for her, I have been taking this product for 10 yrs. An added benefit is that I feel it also helps my memory.

This is the best fish oil on the market. Since I started using this, it has had noticable affect on my cholesterol.

D. H.
I have used this product for several years now, and wouldn't live without. No bad after taste, easy to swallow, high quality product I can trust.

I'm not sure how to rate them, but my doctor recommended them and says they are very solid.

Omega-3 is easy to swallow and no bad taste! Also an easy way to get my D3.

I've been using Extra Strength Cardio Tabs Omega-3 for over 10 years at the suggestion of Dr. O'Keefe, one of Cardio Tabs' original developers. It's the only Omega 3 that I haven't experienced the "fish taste" with! I also don't have to worry about additional Vitamin D3 because it's included in the Omega-3 caplet. Cardio Tabs is the only supplement brand I will use, as all ingredients are of the highest quality. Thank you for such great, healthy lifestyle options!

Does what it should with no after taste or burping.

I've been taking the Extra Strength Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 for several years. I appreciate that I can get more Omega-3 supplement in fewer softgels and the extra D3 is great now that I have relocated to the Pacific Northwest where there is little sunlight exposure much of the year.

I have been taking Omega-3 Extra Strength for several years and my blood test for LDL & HDL and cholesterol has come back very good. I highly suggest you take this especially if you are 50 plus!

Omega-3 is the best product I have ever used. It helped me support healthy triglyceride levels. I have continued use for the last 8 years at least. No fishy after taste.
Use many other Cardio Tabs products and have no complaints.

After years of taking regular strength Omega -3, I switched to this Extra strength for the convenience of taking just two caps a day. I take comfort with the knowledge that I am taking the purest quality products with the highest EPA and DHA available that are under the team of cardiologists' care, which is very important for my brain health. The joints in my hand have felt better than they have in the last 10 years. They are easy to take without any trace of residue odors. I'm 76 years of age, very active with little joint problems thanks to Cardiotabs Omega-3. I trust this product for my brain health. I'll probably take this Omega-3 forever!! Reasonably priced for the trustworthy quality product. I love the convenience of auto-delivery without the hassle of re-ordering!

This is a great vitamin you get Omega 3 and vitamin D3 at the same time, which you need everyday. I had my blood work done recently and my triglycerides are so much better, my doctor asked me what I was taking or doing to get them in a healthy range - of course I told him Cardiotabs!


I love this product and I have been a long time buyer!

My Diabetic Dr. recommended this and have been taking for years. There is no fishy aftertaste.

I have been using this product for over 10 years. In addition to the many benefits it provides, it also doesn't cause indigestion nor a bad taste. I have heard others complain that the inferior omega-3 product they use causes discomfort. Stick with what works and this product is of great quality without the side effects.

With most Omega-3 "fish oil" you taste the oil, with CardioTabs there is no taste and no upset stomach. You get is very well made product.

I have had better check ups since using Cardio Tabs. I am very pleased with my purchases.

very good products

I started taking CardioTabs about 8 years ago, but only took 1 cap a day. When I made the move to take the recommended 2 caps a day, my blood work results at my yearly physical were greatly improved in almost all areas according to my doctor and nothing else changed that year other than taking Cardiotabs at the recommended amounts. So move ahead about 7 years and I decided to try another Omega-3 product from another company, a bit of a test. What was discovered is that I need to get back to Cardiotabs and never try something else. I'm signing up again after about a year away. I will return to the Cardiotabs with Vitamin D and stay here forever.

I have used this product for a very long time and appreciate the "no fishy burps".

recommended by my doctor

My husband has taken your Omega-3 Extra Strength supplement for years. His Dr recommended fish oil to him. I researched it out for him & decided on your product. Excellent fish oil. Thank you.

Best Product I have ever found at impacting my HDL along with diet and exercise. Inherited a low level (12) of HDL from paternal side and with this product I have been able to maintain a level of HDL that is now in the normal range for years!

I have taken Omega 3 by Cardio Tabs for years. I can attest that there is nothing "fishy" about it! I find myself more conscious of taking supplements as I age and I am happy to see this Extra Strength Omega 3 with Vitamin D3 which will be an extra boost for my bone health along with all the other benefits. I trust the cardiologists who have developed this product and I recommend it.

A quality fish oil product with good amounts of DHA and EPA. I am hoping it will
lower my tricgylcerides. Stay tuned!!

Cardiotabs Extra Strength Omega 3 is an amazing product. Not only is it in triglyceride form, which is key, it is an excellent balance of EPA and DHA and it is third party tested and gold certified.

I never have any fish burps. I like the pharmaceutical grade and for the sourcing for this Omega 3. For the amount of EPA and DHA and the other things mentioned it is also a good buy.

I like that this has D-3 included. They go down very easy with no fishy after taste.

Wonderful product! My husband and I have taken Cardiotabs Omega 3 for years. We are now in our early 70’s. Camping, golfing, enjoying our life in good health. We are glad to have cardiotabs to help us keep us as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Dr. recommended to help promote healthy blood pressure levels. Seems to be working well. I will continue being a satisfied customer.

Have been taking this product for several years. Only a few occasions where I had an aftertaste, but was a fruity taste and not fishy at all.

Omega-3 extra strength was reccomended to me by my primary doctor as well as his personal cardiologist. Easy to take. Zero fishy taste, and no "belchy" aftertaste. Have ordered from their web site twice now, and both orders came in less than 48 hours. Questions also answered
promptly on their 800 number.

Great product! Absolutely no fishy taste and no heartburn I usually experience with fish oil, highly recommend!

I have been taking these Omega-3 Extra Strength + Vitamin D3 tabs for several years and I feel very confident that I'm getting a high quality and potent product. I appreciate being able to order them online or buy them from a local grocery store (since I live in the KC area). And, now my husband has started taking them because he realized that CardioTabs provide the EPA and DHA amounts that he needs for his cholesterol health. I love how easy it is to order from your website and how promptly my orders have arrived. Love the fruity taste of these tabs and never have problems with aftertaste. Thank you for your quality products!

It's the only Omega 3 that I haven't experienced the "fish burp" with! I also don't have to worry about additional Vitamin D3 because it's included in the Omega-3 caplet. I trust the CardioTabs brand and it was recommended by my doctor.

This is a great way of getting your Omegas. This has no after taste, which most of the fish oils I have tried taste terrible. Cardio Tabs quality of their products is very good. It keeps my triglycerides in check and good for the brain. I take this with COQ10 since I use Red Rice Yeast, which acts as my statin.

Our primary doctor at Saint Luke’s recommended this specific Omega-3 to promote healthy triglyceride levels. No fishy taste or or smell or burps at all. Love this product!

I firmly believe that after years of taking this specific supplement, it has improved my already strong memory. Very satisfied with the health benefits this product provides.

I've been using Omega-3 for quite a few years now and really love them. There is no after tast with them. They are a great product.

I have been taking this for years. My HDL is always nice and high. No fishy taste at all.

I started taking the Extra Strength Omega-3 supplement back in January. I am a 25 year old who has been struggling with lyme disease for almost a year. Before taking this supplement, I had been having chest pains that at times was so bad I had trouble sleeping on my left side. I have taken one pill a day for months now (for some reason two doesn`t agree with me). It`s crazy to think that this supplement along with easing myself into regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet has given me my life back (along with several rounds of antibiotics). I am thankful for this product.

Easy to take.

Just started with it. No bad effects. Was very surprised at the size of the tablets.I wish they were not so large. I did not want the enteric coated ones which are I guess a lot smaller. I was reading the fish oil is better absorbed without the coating, but gave no thought to the capsule size.

Great product!

i will recommend it to others

Have been taking it for 5 years has helped with my skin, joint issues, and chronic heart problems. No fishy taste or reflux. Helped with my vitamin D levels too.

Great product, I have been taking it for a couple of years.

Highly effective!! I have been taking this product for years without amy regrets.

I have been taking this product for over 3 years, due to the highest quality Omega 3 used, and no aftertaste. I believe it has been great support to my health.

I've been taking the Omega-3 + Vitamin D3 for several years now. In fact, I have a few different family members that take it as well. We have all seen better heart and joint health by adding this to our daily regimen.

This is a great product!! It is simple to take and there is no instance of burping up a fish oil taste. I have bought this product numerous times.

These pills are small, easy to swallow with no after taste.

I have been taking CardioTabs Vitamin D3 and Extra Strength Omega-3 with Vitamin D daily since 9/29/2020 to 3/18/21.
Over that serum Vitamin D(25-OH) Total has increased from 21.7 to 27.4. This is an increase of more than 22% in just 5 and a half months. At this rate I will be into the normal range above 30 very soon.

These are the best Omega-3 supplements I have used.

A quality fish oil supplement has produced cardiovascular results for my husband and I. We trust Cardiotabs ingredients.

I feel that Omega-3 Extra Strength with vitamin D3 has benefited my check up results.

This product has helped keep my triglycerides in a healthy range. So thankful!

I would not order this product again. The pills are so large I had trouble swallowing them. I also didn't like the after taste.

I have been taking this product for about 10 years (once in the morning and once at night) and find it an excellent way of improving my general health. My annual LAB/doctor visits have shown that this product has been effective at maintaining my D3 levels recommended by my doctor without any side effects.

I recommend Omega-3 Fish Oild with high EPA/DHA to all my patients, I have found CardioTabls to offer the best combo plus D3 is included in the tabs, too. You can't go wrong. I and everyone in my family also have been taking it for over a decade.

Very pleased with results of taking Omega-4 Extra strength!

These tablets are the best! I have been using them for over 10 years and will only use this tablet after trying many others before finding these. Highly recommend!

I truly believe in this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Before I discovered Cardiotabs Omega-3 Extra Strength + Vitamin D3, taking other fish oil would upset my stomach. My husband and I have been using this product for several years and won't be changing brands.

My husband takes these, he likes the extra benefit of added Vitamin D3. Our teen & I use the regular Enteric-Coated Omega-3 because we both have good levels of Vit D and we like the smaller size capsule. Both are great products.

This is a brand I trust for high-quality products. Love that this combines my omega-3s and vitamin D into one supplement. I do still have some fishy burps, so I take it at night before bed.

My husband and I are both taking this supplement and love it, especially no fishy taste!!

I have taken many, many brands of fish oil and find this to be high quality at an affordable price.

Best there is for triglyceride health

Cardiotabs Omega 3 is the best product and is great for my body. I recommend this product and all of the Cardiotabs products.

it helped me and i can recommend it to others

This is easy to take, no after taste. I feel good about the quality. The shipments always arrive on time. It's helping me maintain my good health as I age.

excellent product been using this for years