Multivitamin - 120 Day

Essential vitamins and minerals for cardiovascular support.*
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  • - 4 Month Supply
  • - 10% Added Value
  • - 2000 IU Vitamin D3
  • - 1 Capsule Per Day
  • - Contains No Added Iron
Cardiotabs Multivitamin is the ideal complete multivitamin and mineral combination for supporting cardiovascular and general health.* Constantly updated to reflect the latest research, each capsule contains the essential vitamins and minerals in the amounts our cardiologists recommend, including 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3. Packed with natural antioxidants--you will feel the difference! 



Directions: Take one (1) capsule daily, preferably with a meal.
Other ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Yellow (Riboflavin), Opaque/White (Calcium Carbonate), Opaque Gelatin Capsule, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.
Free Of: Wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, artificial flavor, sodium (less than 5 mg per serving).


Don't we get enough vitamins through our food?
Consider Cardiotabs Daily Multivitamin your nutritional insurance - especially when your diet isn't always perfect.

Can't I get enough vitamin D from the sun?
In a perfect world, we'd all get the vitamin D we need from the sun. Unfortunately, time of year, angle of the sun, skin color, age, obesity, and even sunscreen interferes with our ability to make adequate Vitamin D from the sun alone. Cardiotabs Daily Multivitamin gives you the benefits of adequate sunshine year-round.

Why should I choose Cardiotabs Bonus Size Daily Multivitamin over other multivitamins?
Cardiotabs Daily Multivitamin makes taking a standardized quantity of essential vitamins that effectively support heart health affordable and convenient,* while eliminating the need to buy multiple vitamin products and to take multiple pills. We've combined the nutrients you need into just one capsule per day.

Does Vitamin K  interact with blood thinners?
Most people that are on a blood thinner are advised to avoid foods that contain Vitamin K so to not interfere with their clotting ability.  Your prescription dosing may be adjusted to account for Vitamin K and as long as you are consistent in taking your multivitamin, you should not have to worry about having further adjustments. Please speak to your physician as he will be the best one to advise you. 


I feel confident taking this multivitamin every day to help in the areas that I don't always eat healthy in. It has more vitamin D3, I had been low in vitamin D3 and now my numbers are where they should be so I don't have to take a prescription anymore.

product was recommended by my friend. I am a leukemia patient, and my doctor approved this for me.

Love this vitamin-I don't have to worry about adding other supplements

My husband and I both take these Cardiotabs Multi. We love them. They came highly recommended by my husbands father who would not go a day without them. He lived to the ripe old age of 99.

Janice P
I have been taking CardioTabs MultiVitamins for well over one month. As my doctor said, you can depend on the ingredients in CardioTabs as being "the best"!!! That sold me on CardioTabs! I'm also very glad that included in each CardioTabs MultiVitamin capsule is 2000 IU of Vitamin D-3! This is wonderful - now I don't have to purchase that Vitamin D-3 supplement! Thank you to both of the O'Keefe's for making us all more healthy!

I have used the Multivitamins for many years and love the results!

Great product, have used it for years. They do modify the formula over time as medical science advances. They do their best to provide a multivitamin that makes sense, as well as bio-available.

I really believe I have more energy since I started taking the multivitamin.

I trust the source. My Vit D levels were low and this has all I need and do not have to take additional vit D.

I have been taking this product for twelve years along with Cardio Tabs distilled fish oil. To be fair, I have also taken ubiqunol and curcumin. These supplements give me the energy to continue a life long exercise habit. At nearly seventy years of age, people regularly tell me I look maybe fifty. If you don't push yourself physically, you are not likely to "feel" an immediate difference, but you will age slower assuming you live an otherwise healthy life.

Very well formulated as a heart healthy vitamin supplement.

Great multi-vitamin. It gives you everything you need.

I have taken this product for several years and I highly recommend it. I feel better, have more energy, and know I am doing something good for myself when I take this multivitamin daily. I have taken many multivitamins over the years and this is by far the best!

My wife and I have been taking CardioTab multivitamins practically since they were first introduced. Over the years and after several moves and changes in doctors, we are encouraged that they have all supported the use of this product. We feel it is well formulated and provides us with the necessary vitamins and minerals we need as we age. Probably customers for life!

I feel so much better since I have been taking Cardiotab Multivitamins. I can tell a big difference between over the counter Vitamins and Cardiotabs!

Cardiotabs Multivitamin is by far the best I have ever taken! I work with many physicians and they all agree that Cardiotabs is the best on the market. Although vitamins do not require FDA approval, I feel confident that Cardiotab products are made with the purest ingredients possible. I would recommend Cardiotab products to everyone! I only wish they made more products to purchase!

I live this product and have been a long time buyer!

Complete. Easy. Healthy.

My doctor suggested I should get and take this daily many years ago and I still take it today. It's a great multivitamin and great for your heart health.

I just started taking this multivitamin and I can't believe how much more energy I have.

Excellent product

With all the other products that I order from Cardio Tabs, my life is much better.

Cardiotabs Multivitamin is the best that I have found. I appreciate the fact that iron is not included and also the 120 capsule size bottle and the savings. Thanks, Cardiotabs!

i have been using this product for 18 years with good results

I have had my husband on Cardiotabs Multivitamins for years because of his cardiac history. His cardiologist is very pleased with his improvement over the past years and we plan on keeping cardio vitamin tabs in his treatment plan.

I feel very safe that this has all the nutrients that I need. I don't need to buy extra CoQ10, Lutein, B 12 or d-3. They are included in this multi.

The way I figured out this product was worth the money is probably not had been taking them for 4 months, I ran out, and went about a week and a half without them....I'm not going to exaggerate and say I felt terrible after being out of them....but I didn't feel as alert. My energy level was down...57 year old.....

Great product! Excellent packaging and quick shipping. Spoke to Heather Hill over the phone she was very professional and encouraged me to also visit the retail location.

I just ordered another 3 bottles of 120 count multi-vitamins. My wife and I have used these for many years and have been very satisfied with the results. We have never had a lab test that showed we were deficient in any vitamins or minerals.

Great Product, I find it works well.

I like that the vitamin D3 content is 2000IU. This is more than regular multivitamins have . Therefore I don't have to take another pill.

Great product

Excellent service on line
very user friendly

this multivitamin is packed with everything you need. You can eliminate almost all your other supplements and save money by just taking this one multivitamin.

I love the Multivitamins, I feel better in general when I stick with it which I definitely will now,

CardioTabs multi-vitamins are easy to take and even easier to order and receive! We believe they are an essential supplement to our normal intake of vitamins and minerals via the foods we eat. We have taken this product for as long as it has existed and plan on continuing.

Excellent multivitamin for daily use!

Since taking these vitamins, life has improved. Better than yesteryears!

I really like this multivitamin. the ingredients and amount are better than most for the same cost. Not to mention you get a four month supply for $36 and a lot of multi-vatimins of this quality are 30+ a month.

My doctor recommended these multivitamins to me several years ago because I am at a higher risk for heart disease. I believe it has boosted my immune system significantly. I used to get common colds, flu, etc. frequently, working at a hospital as a nurse. I have noticed I get sick much less often since taking these multivitamins and along with a healthier diet and exercise, I believe Cardiotabs multivitamins have given me more energy. Highly recommend.

Great product