Omega-3 Enteric-Coated

Certified pure DHA and EPA in easy-to-swallow, lemon-scented, oval softgels
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  • - Less Fatty Filler
  • - Cardiovascular Support
  • - Enteric-Coated
  • - Certified for Purity
  • - See the Purity Report
Our Omega-3 softgels have been developed by cardiologists and nutritionists. Each batch is independently tested and designed to support cardiovascular, brain and eye health.* Our softgels cause no fishy aftertaste and are regularly recommended by doctors as one of the most important supplements you can take for your health. Cardiotabs Omega-3s contain one of the highest concentrations of DHA and EPA (1000 mg) available without a prescription and each softgel is only about half the size of typical omega-3 brands.


Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults take 3 softgels daily or as directed by a physician. [Best taken with a meal.]

Other ingredients:
 Highly refined and concentrated omega-3 marine oil from CalaMarine and fish oil (anchovy, squid, sardine, mackerel), capsule shell (gelatin, glycerin, purified water), enteric-coating (food glaze (shellac, glyercin, acetylated monoglycerides, polysorbate 80, potassium sorbate), sodium alginate, stearic acid), natural lemon flavor, natural mixed tocopherols (soy).



What is Triglyceride Form Omega-3?
The triglyceride form of omega-3 refers to its molecular base of 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. This is the same form of omega-3 fat found in fish and the kind your body can readily absorb. The other common form of omega-3 is ethyl ester which consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids attached to an ethanol backbone. In order for the fatty acids to enter your bloodstream, they need to be in triglyceride form. Your body does slightly more work for this to occur in ethyl ester form versus the fatty acids already in triglyceride form. 
Does Triglyceride Form Omega-3 Increase My Triglycerides?
No. One of the many benefits of omega-3 is its effect on supporting healthy triglyceride levels.* Triglyceride form is the molecular form of omega-3 that your body can easily absorb. 
What is DHA and EPA?
There are two sources of omega-3 fatty acids: plants and fish. Only fish provides DHA and EPA, the two forms of omega-3 that help maintain normal cardiovascular health.*

Who should take Cardiotabs Omega-3?
Everyone can benefit from the highly concentrated DHA and EPA found in Cardiotabs Omega-3. In addition to helping maintain normal cardiovascular function and supporting healthy triglyceride levels, the DHA and EPA in Cardiotabs Omega-3 may also help support normal brain and eye health.*

Are Cardiotabs Omega-3s tested for purity?
Yes. With Cardiotabs Omega-3, you get all the benefits without the risk of high levels of toxins and pollutants like mercury and lead. Cardiotabs Omega-3 undergoes a highly complex purification process known as molecular distillation, and is independently tested to meet stringent safety standards.
What part of the world is the omega-3 oil sourced from?
The omega-3 oil is a product of natural marine oils primarily from the Pacific Southeast and Northwest.


My husband and I have been taking this product for better than 4 years. We like the enteric coating leaving us with a no burp taste. Very easy to swallow with the small size. We take two caps once a day and have seen an improvement in our cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels with a lower fat diet. When I realized I could save some time and money with the easy order online along with free shipping, this product looked even better. No longer had to add it to my PriceChopper shopping list and I never ran out of the supplement. Thanks Cardiotabs!

Nancy J
I’ve been taking this product for more than 10 years!

Great product!!!

These have been essential for helping me with my dry eyes

I love these Omega-3's. I stopped them for awhile and soon realized how much they helped me feel better.Great product

These tablets are easy to swallow and have no fishy aftertaste like the other Omega-3 tablets I have tried. Excellent product.

Julie C
I love this product. I'm very sensitive to fish oil capsules and with any other brand I find I'm belching a lot after swallowing it. Even the lemon-flavored fish oil capsules, I belch the lemon taste, (which is better than the fish taste I know!), but I'd rather not have the indigestion-type symptoms at all. Not with CardioTabs Omega 3 softgels. No indigestion, no belching!

The best version of Omega 3 that I’ve found. No fishy smell and is effective.

My wife and I have used this taste-free product for many years. We believe it is the best Omega 3 product out there contributing to our excellent lab work.

My doctor recommended this product for my problem with proper eye lubrication. I have been using this product for 3-4 years and it has sufficiently helped my eyes. If I fail to take the Omega -3 my eyes become itchy causing discomfort. This is the best supplement I have found to promote healthy and well-lubricated eyes. I take 4 softgels daily.

They are easy to swallow. Highly recommended by my endocrinologist .

My husband takes these daily, per his doctor. The gels seem to support healthy cholesterol levels. We are very happy with this product.

great product. you don't get any fishy burps.

My doctor recommended Cardiotabs (from Kansas Cardiac specialists) over 10 years ago, and I have been taking it daily ever sense to keep my cholesterol in check. My doctor says that the Omega-3, along with the statin are the reason my numbers are healthy.

I have used this product for several years and it has helped me promote and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

I seldom have any after taste. Great product!

I have been taking the Enteric-Coated Omega-3 supplement for a while. Such great quality and it came highly recommended! It is easy to swallow and affordable. I’ve ordered some for my daughter.

Has worked for me for many years now.

Since my eye surgery, I have had lots of dry eye issues. This form of Omega 3 is by far my favorite as a part of my regimen, though I do wish they made it without soy.

I have not been using these for long, but can already tell that my thinking is clearer. It seems as if a cobweb has been lifted from my brain!

Great product, been taking for years.

I have been using Cardiotabs for probably 10 years. They are easy to swallow and I never have fishy burps. Great product!

Carolyn T
My husband and I have been taking these for several years. We trust Cardio Tabs for excellent results.

I enjoy that the softgels are small and there is no fishy taste!!

This is a great helped me get great results. I highly recommend this product.

Three months ago I started using Omega-3 Extra Strength + Vitamin D3 twice daily and was successffuly able to promote healthy cholesterol levels. Most importantly, I was able to promote healthy triglyceride levels and finally achieved my target number. My "bad cholesterol" and "good cholesterol" were in healthy ranges as well. Both my cardiologist and endocrinologist were thrilled with my results as I had multiple major risk factors for cardiac disease, to include major family history on all sides, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, insulin resistance (precursor to diabetes) with metabolic syndrome, post-menopausal with excessive estrogen production, a stressful job, and am treated for chronic depression although well controlled. I was even able to support healthy blood sugar levels as well! I am absolutely thrilled with my results an will continue with this regimine!!! Thank your Dr. & Mrs. O'Keefe!!!

We feel like this is a trusted source of Omega-3. We don't detect any unpleasant taste. No more big-box store Omega-3 for us.

My physician recommended CardioTabs Omega 3 for my high triglycerides. Since I have been taking them I've been able to support healthy triglyceride levels. I appreciate that they are coated and easily swallowed.

My wife and I have used this taste-free product for many years. We believe it is the best Omega 3 product out there contributing to our excellent lab work.

Lake ladyNancy
So much better than others available. Easy to swallow & zero bad taste!