two animated white hands holding up globe on green backgroundCardiotabs supports sustainability and environmentally friendly choices throughout the sourcing and production of all Cardiotabs supplements.

Why insist on "green" products? Over the last 50 years, global fish stocks have rapidly declined at an alarming rate. Some experts believe that many fish stocks could be depleted within 40 years if commercial harvest continues at its current rate. That's why Cardiotabs Omega-3 Extra Strength with Vitamin D was one of the first sustainably sourced DHA and EPA concentrated marine oils. A product of food grade calamari production, Cardiotabs Omega-3 Extra Strength is obtained using safe and sustainable fishing techniques that do not destroy the ocean habitat or deplete the fish stocks.

Approximately 2 million tons of calamari are caught each year for all the major food markets of the world. However, almost 200,000 tons go unused and are either thrown away or used as animal feed. The oil found in our Omega-3 Extra Strength is extracted from this unused product. Additionally, the unique biology of calamari allow them to be inherently resilient to fishing pressure. They grow rapidly and have an average lifespan of less than two years, much shorter than fish such as cod or salmon which can live up to 20 years. Choosing calamari is one of the ways CardioTabs helps prevent unnecessary waste, and works toward a sustainable future. Cardiotabs Heart