About Us

For over two decades, Cardiotabs has provided the highest quality, evidence-based nutritional supplements. Developed and recommended by the Cardiotabs Medical Advisory Board along with other leaders in the field of preventive cardiology, all Cardiotabs products are gluten-free, and specifically formulated to be taken together and with common prescription medications.

Cardiotabs is committed to providing safe, effective and reliable supplements in an affordable and convenient formulation that will contribute to your long-term cardiovascular health. The cardiologists at Cardiotabs are continually monitoring the latest research related to nutrition and cardiovascular health.* We are committed to making timely changes in our products in response to evolving science. Cardiotabs supplements are manufactured to the exacting standards of top practicing cardiologists. We follow strict quality guidelines and perform independent testing, assuring you of their quality. Cardiotabs nutritional supplements are cost-effective and can simplify your pill-taking routine, no prescription needed!

James O'Keefe

Chief Medical Officer and Founder
James H. O'Keefe, MD, FACC,
 is Director of Preventive Cardiology at the Mid America Heart Institute, and Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, in Kansas City. His postgraduate training included a cardiology fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. O'Keefe has contributed more than 200 articles to the medical literature and has authored numerous books on cardiovascular medicine, including best-selling medical books, such as "Dyslipidemia Essentials," "Diabetes Essentials," and "The Complete Guide to ECGs." He lectures extensively on the role of therapeutic lifestyle changes and drug therapy in cardiovascular risk reduction and has authored the best-selling consumer health book, "The Forever Young Diet & Lifestyle" book. He is actively involved in patient care.


Joan O'KeefeChief Executive Officer and Founder
Joan O’Keefe, RD is a Registered Dietitian who attended San Diego State University where she received her BA in Food and Nutrition. She then received her RD after practicing as a Dietary Intern at the Mayo clinic.

At age 27, six months pregnant with her first child, Joan was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Joan’s focus on nutrition and fitness was intensified by this experience. She also felt first hand the healing power of a strong faith, optimism, and a loving and supportive network of family and friends.

Joan does nutrition counseling focusing on weight loss, optimum health and improved athletic performance in adults, teens, and kids. She is passionately engaged in her nutrition counseling and often speaks to schools, teams, families, men’s and women’s organizations, and professional groups. She considers her nutrition counseling a community service and donates all of her earnings to charities.