Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

The Cardiotabs Rewards program is a loyalty and rewards program for All registered account holders are eligible for the program, but accounts are limited to one per user. By registering for an account you agree to these Terms & Conditions. Points are a unit of measurement to determine future discounts at an exchange rate determined by Cardiotabs and at their sole discretion. Cardiotabs reserves the right to change the value of points at any time, without notice. Points are earned in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, placing orders on, reviewing products, and signing up for an account. Cardiotabs reserves the right to approve and deny rewards points, and may limit the total amount of points earned. Points may be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Only qualifying orders will earn rewards points. Orders placed online or by phone, that are marked as completed in our system will be considered qualifying orders. Fraudulent or canceled orders will have rewards points revoked. Cardiotabs reserves the right to revoke or void points and cancel membership for any reason. Points are not transferrable. Cardiotabs reserves the right to change its Terms & Conditions without notice. Changes will be updated to the website and user’s continued participation constitutes their acceptance of changes. Cardiotabs reserves the right to terminate the rewards program at any time. Cardiotabs will notify users upon termination, unless outside forces prevent such action. Forces include, but are not limited to, extreme weather or other natural disasters, acts of terror or war, software viruses, bankruptcy, etc. Any misuse of the rewards program by the user will constitute their forfeiture from the program. Misuse may be determined at the discretion of Cardiotabs. Cardiotabs is not responsible for malfunctions in the rewards program due to program platform, software, internet, etc.