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One of the Best Drugs for Health Problems: Exercise


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It appears that the human genome contains only 25,000 genes, or about one third more than the lowly roundworm. Geneticists were initially surprised that something as complex as a human being could be built from such a limited blueprint. However, it is also becoming increasingly clear that gene regulation is far more important than simply the number of genes. Each gene can function in a variety of different ways depending upon how it is regulated. Perhaps the single most powerful way to regulate your genetic expression is with regular exercise.

Over half of all of your genes are modified by regular physical activity. This means when you exercise regularly you literally change your genetic makeup and favorably alter almost every aspect of your being, including your appearance, body composition, mood, memory, sleep, blood pressure, hormones, and longevity. Exercise changes your genetic function, which in turn sends chemical signals that remake you into the lean, powerful, energetic, and optimistic person you were designed to be.

Many of the cardio health problems blamed on aging are actually symptoms of deteriorating fitness and waning strength caused by idleness and apathy. Fortunately, getting back to a very physically active lifestyle will send growth and repair signals throughout your body and brain, allowing you to grow younger.

Even those of us who study physical fitness professionally have been surprised at the power of daily exercise. The fact is, it may be the single best “drug” for many health problems. It will improve cholesterol profiles by lowering the bad fats and raising the protective HDL (good cholesterol) level. Exercise will lower blood pressure and is the most effective weapon against obesity. Studies show that permanent weight loss is almost impossible without regular exercise.

With an appropriate regimen of physical activity and diet some patients with high blood pressure are able to discontinue their medications. Recent studies showed that an aerobic and strength-training exercise program, coupled with a healthy Mediterranean diet, was effective in preventing two out of three cases of diabetes.

Regular physical activity not only improves your physical strength and appearance, it also makes you feel good. A recent study tracked 174 previously sedentary men and women between the ages of sixty and seventy-five who participated in a supervised walking and stretching program. After exercising at least three times a week for six months, the participants showed significant improvements in self-esteem and reduced rates of depression. Six months after completing the program, participants who went back to a sedentary lifestyle showed deterioration in self-esteem and mood.

In Good Health,

Dr. James O'Keefe

Photo Credit:  Pixabay Creative Commons