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A Journey To Better Health

My Friends Laughed When I Told Them I Was Going Cliff-Diving at Age 68... But My Wife Knew I Was Serious!
It Began With A Card
healthy elderly man at poolA few months after my mom died at age 93, a Christmas card addressed to Mom arrived in the mail. I decided to call the sender to let him know of her passing. The man who answered the phone sounded like he was in his midfifties, so I asked to speak with John. “That’s me” came the response from the other end of the line. I informed John of Mom’s passing and thanked him for sending the card as I knew she always loved Christmas
A Life Lived Well
“How did you know my mom?” I asked. “Why your mother and I were in the same class at our college” he chuckled. “But that means you are over 90, and you certainly don’t sound that old” I responded. “What do you do to stay so active and energetic?” Mom’s college classmate proceeded to educate me on the importance of exercise, a good diet and the right nutritional supplements.
A Wake-Up Call
As I hung up the phone it struck me that I didn’t have John’s vitality and I was only 63! My kids are in their 20s and are in no hurry to have their own children. Would I be healthy enough to play with grandchildren at age 70, 75 or 80?
The Journey Begins
Being an active grandpa meant a significant change in my lifestyle. I began by visiting with my doctor and having baseline health and wellness tests done. Then with the advice of my doctor, I began taking Cardiotabs omega-3 supplements and a multivitamin. That was the easy part. To make a significant difference I needed to include an exercise program in my routine.
Back to The Pool
I had been a swimmer in college but had stopped exercising completely after graduation. My first time back in the pool was a struggle, but gradually I swam farther and faster. Every time I was passed by the younger man swimming next to me, the competitive urges returned and I pushed a bit harder. Eventually, I returned to competitive swimming,
winning the US Men’s 200 Meter Fly for my age group.
Looking Forward
A few years later, I decided to try cliff diving. Unfortunately, I missed on a 1 1/2 dive and injured my shoulders. However, I am currently recuperating and I love every minute of my new, healthy life. I made a decision to change my life and now I am enjoying the rewards.
The Journey of Dave Noble
Raymore, MO