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A Secret Club with Just Two Members

elderly couple walking up a path on cold autumn day

Morgan, one of my daughter Kathleen’s best friends, reminisced about her grandpa Jake. “My dearest memory of my grandfather is a simple, yet endearing one. Every time either he or my grandmother walked into or out of a room, all each would do was put their pinky in the air and fold it down as if to say, ‘I love you’ for their hello or goodbye. It truly made my day to see this simple gesture go on every time they saw each other because they didn’t need to say any words to express just how much they loved one another.”

As Jake’s doctor and friend, I am certain that his wife Carolyn’s unconditional love and fierce attention to detail focused on his health, had more to do with his survival than anything his physicians did for him.

No matter how ill Jake was - and he literally had nine lives - he recovered and thrived due to the power of his 65-year union with Carolyn. This sustained him until he passed away recently at age 88. Scientific studies show that your inner circle need not be large, even a team of two can be a powerful alliance to help you prevail against life’s inevitable hardships.

In Good Health,

James O'Keefe, MD

Picture Credit: Creative Commons Pixabay